Bukhari: A Timebomb and A Producer of Terrorism!

Bukhari: A Timebomb and A Producer of Terrorism!
• "Sunni" Islam – The Ideological Source of Terrorism
• Hypocritical "Sunnis" condemn ISIS but revere their founding fathers
• Shia Muslims are innocent from such barbarism in the name of Islam!

Watch Fadak TV 2 (and keep updated through the YouTube channel: Fadak English), as we prove that today's "Islamist" terrorism originally stems from the books and revered historical figures of the "Sunni Muslims". Shia Muslims are innocent from such barbarism in the name of Islam!
We must point out that not all "Sunni" Muslims are terrorists, nor do they all support ISIS and their likes. This is undoubtedly unfair to claim. What we are saying, however, is that terrorism in the name of Islam - or under the banner of Islam - does originate from the teachings of "Sunni" Islam.
Would you believe that a revered figure for the "Sunni" Muslims - namely Khalid ibn Al-Walid - said, "We are a people who drink blood! And the sweetest of blood is the blood of the Romans (i.e. Europeans)!"? This man is so highly praised by "Sunni" Muslims that they all refer to him as the "Sword of Allah"! And how hypocritical is it of the ordinary "Sunni" Muslims to supposedly condemn the terrorist actions of ISIS, when they revere a tyrant - by the name of Abu Bakr - who burned alive "apostates" who refused to pay him Zakat (tax)?! Where do you think ISIS gained their perceived legitimacy for burning alive the Jordanian pilot? In fact in that very ISIS propaganda video, they display the fatwa (verdict) of a well-known "Sunni" scholar, called ibn Taymiyya, who permitted burning alive people as a form of punishment! This very "scholar" is called the "Sheikh of Islam" by every single "Sunni" today! And how about the second tyrant, Umar ibn Al-Khattab? He is revered by the "Sunni" Muslims as their second caliph. In their own historical books, it is reported that he ordered for the complete destruction of an entire town called Arab Sous. He ordered for the killing of its people, the burning of its trees and even the annihilation of wildlife. "Sunni" Muslims supposedly condemn ISIS, but support these very first terrorists in Islam. And how can we forget Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr? This war-criminal is known as the "Mother of the Believers" by every single "Sunni" Muslim today. She is the woman who ordered for the slow beheading of 400 men. ISIS are merely religious "Sunnis", following their role models! 
The world must know the truth. We are not saying that every "Sunni" is a terrorist. However, the more religious a "Sunni" becomes, the more likely he is to join ISIS! We call for the criminalisation of this terrorist ideology, in the same way Nazism was criminalised. Or in the least, we want the world to know the difference between the terrorist-producing "Sunni" version of Islam, and the truly peaceful Shia Islam, taught by Prophet Muhammad and his Ahlul-Bayt (upon whom be peace).

Publisher: The Shia Newspaper, Fourth Issue, Issued by the Upper Hand Organization