Do you Believe Aisha?

It is difficult for us and for every individual that enumerates the crimes of this malicious woman. How can one express the gravity of this situation? Have people forgetting when she murdered the Prophet of Islam through poison? Or how she harmed Fatima al-Zahra (blessings be upon her)? What about when she led an army of massive proportion against the Commander of the Faithful, Ali ibn abi Talib and caused the deaths of 30 thousand Muslims? Have people forgotten her joy and pleasure when she heard the confirmation of the martyrdom of Prophet Mohammad (Blessings be upon him and his pure family) and Fatima al- Zahra (Blessings be upon her)? Remember her prayer of thanksgiving when she heard that Imam Ali (Blessings be upon him) was killed during his prayer! As well as when she flung the first arrow at the coffin of Imam al-Hassan (Blessings be upon him). Remember her excessive lustfulness that blackened Islamic history! Remember the issue of Aisha breastfeeding adults and persuading others to do the same! Remember when she lied those many lies directly to and about the Messenger of Allah (Blessings be upon him and his family) - Thousands of lies that tarnished the image of the Messenger of Allah and opened the door of slanders against him. History testifies to her endless crimes, and it is without doubt that history has also hidden many of them due to the well-known fact that ‘History is written by the victors’. It is true that the supporters of Aisha have been the ones who have held power for countless centuries, allowing them to manipulate the historical reports that have reached us.

There are two proofs without any doubt that confirm that Aisha is in the hellfire today. There are many proofs from the most reliable sources that belong to the opposers to Shia Islam – the so-called Sunni’s.

One of those proofs is regarding Aisha’s famous lie about the Messenger of Allah (Blessings be upon him). She claims the Messenger of God (Blessings be upon her) had black magic put upon him by a Jew, which lasted for six months. According to Aisha, The magic had such an impact on the messenger that he apparently would imagine doing things that he was not actually doing. Including thinking he was carrying out sexual intercourse with one of his wives while there was no wife in front of him. This is the allegation that Aisha accused the Prophet of. No one from the deniers can deny that Aisha presented this to the people as it is in many of their authentic books including their absolute most authentic book – Sahih al-Bukhari.

In Volume 4, Page 91, The Chapter of the Devil and his Soldiers; Aisha says: « Magic was done on the Prophet, peace be upon him so that it appeared to him he does something while he does not »

In Sahih al-Bukhari, Page 29, Aisha also says: « The Messenger of Allah, peace by upon him was under the effects of magic that he suspected he had sexual intercourse with his wives while he wasn’t »

Sufiyan bin Oyeena said: This is the worst kind of magic that the Prophet was allegedly afflicted by as according to Aisha 

Dear brothers, Oh Muslims, how do you believe in Aisha? The one who when claiming the Messenger of Allah (Blessings be upon him and his pure family) was under the effects of magic was contradicting the very Quran itself. Her claims are worse than that of non-believers. She tried to prove that the devil has authority over the Messenger of Allah (Blessings be upon him). I ask you, do you accept this?

Publisher: The Shia Newspaper, Fourth Issue, Issued by the Upper Hand Organization