Far Away - we are, from Accepting Humiliation

The Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc and the Colosseum temple are still standing today. It is also the case with with Hindu Shiva temples, as well as the tomb of the Bukhari located in Uzbekistan and al-Shafi’i in Egypt, which is encrusted with gold and silver!

All religions, heavenly or positivistic, with all the differences in their sects have a red line – and that line is their holy symbols. No one dares to touch them. If there comes a people who do cross this line and breach the boundaries of respect for their holy symbols you find the men of this sect rising up in revolt against the perpetrators. The men of said religion would rise up whether they had dominance and strength or are weak with lacking resources.

Shiism does not present the same as what we have come to expect, in fact we find the opposite of this to be true. Fear is so deeply rooted that they are seemingly unable to rise up in defence of their holy symbols. Ironically, we find them shouting the slogan of Imam al-Hussain (Peace be upon him):

"Far away - we are, from accepting humiliation", [1]

But the truth is they have long worn the robes of humiliation and are unable to take them off. The situation of al-Baqi’ cemetery is the greatest evidence of this. It has been more than a century since that day that has been added to the long listed calendar of sorrowful events pertaining to the Shi’i religion. Unfortunately this is how the Shia population have come to be. Whenever a son of adultery comes and disrespects their holy symbols and violates their sanctity, they only go as far as to raise their pens to write down a new day of weeping and wailing!

The A'raabi system of Mr. Hempher declared war on us since the day of the destruction of al-Baqi’. There is no honour in us if we do not finish this war with them, either by forcing them to re-build the tombs of our Imams, or by a battle of blood, which will end with our victory! There is no good in us if we do not achieve the successful rebuilding of al-Baqi. We call for the reconstruction of the graves of our Imams (Blessings be upon them) as if we are shouting something strange. We do not want to build a pyramid or a skyscraper, but a Shrine in honour of the family of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his pure family). So enough of the slogans of criminality that we raised for years, proving to be completely ineffective. We want to see the domes built even if we would pay the price of our cheap blood - this is among the ambitious goals that we have had in mind for several years.

Sayed Muhammad Ridha Shirazi (ra) said: "Let our demands be like the drops of water, if one drop comes down it won't have an affect, so let us increase our demands even though it may extend for years", we must change the mechanism of our demands, and work diligently with impeccable baselines in religion; because achieving this goal needs great effort, intensive work, determination, and will.

The great Messenger (Peace be upon him and his pure family) said: "Those who carry out the construction of these tombs and come to visit them are like those who helped Hazrat Suleiman (Blessings be upon him) in building the Baitul Maqdis.”

Oh for the revenge of Baqi!

Publisher: The Shia Newspaper, Fourth Issue, Issued by the Upper Hand Organization