The Illogicality of Homosexuality

Allah the almighty said:
«And Lot told his people, "Why do you commit such indecent acts that have never been committed by anyone before?» (Holy Quran 7:80),
«Do you, in the world, want to have carnal relations with males». (Holy Quran 26:165).
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his pure family) said in a sermon regarding the end of time:
"O Salman, by the Prevailing of my soul I take the oath, that men will be enough with men (referring to gay relationships), and women will be enough with women (referring to lesbian relationships) and become jealous on men the same way as jealousy on the female slave in her parents' house, and men imitate women and women imitate men, and women on saddles (horse backs), the curse of Allah will be upon them from my nation". (Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 6, Page 305)
This is a fabricated lie; there is no human sexual integration other than with the opposite sex of the same species. Common sense calls for the necessity of opposite sex relations. Scientific studies have proven that homosexuality is followed by numerous health risks including psychological disorders, the ruin of bodily functions, as well as risk of HIV infection.
In the animal world, the species maintains priority and not the individual; therefore, we find that some of the animals end their function immediately after the commencing of sexual activity, some naturally dying off and others preying on one another. This example can be seen in the world of bees. In the human world we see a very different situation. A human being has the right and privilege to continue life beyond sexual reproduction.
There is no such thing as the “same-sex gene". To say that genes are the motivation for homosexuality is nothing but an illusion that patients are clinging to.
Scientific research has recorded that chimpanzees have carried out sexual intercourse with their mothers, while male mice with their sisters. Can these be used to justify incest? Allah forbid!

Publisher: The Shia Newspaper, Fourth Issue, Issued by the Upper Hand Organization